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Relax... in a paradise of nature, with butterflies in an orchard cradled by a mountain river
Relish... an amazing Armenian culture of unique wines and food, handicrafts and festivals
Reflect... on the history of the oldest winery, the first Christian nation and the Silk Road


We're building our 5 star dream lodge in an orchard surrounded by water and nature that will ensure guest privacy, security and well-being. Apart from employment, we're also supporting local villagers and Armenia with our Adopt-a-Village charity programme and the Origins Project. We look forward to hosting you from 2023!

Areni is about 110 kilometres from the capital Yerevan or Zvartnots International Airport, which takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by road. We can arrange guest transfers on request, or you can fly directly by helicopter when our helipad is available.

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