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Welcome to Areni, site of the world's oldest winery!

Areni Open Air Cultural Museum


The Areni Open Air Cultural Museum is sited in Areni, next to the beautiful Arpa River on about 2,000 m2 of vineyard (about 500 metres from the Areni Wine Barrel roundabout). It is expected to open in 2022 or 2023, dependent on the pandemic.




Donations to support the construction of the Museum will be greatly appreciated, and can be made here. The Museum's development is part of the Adopt-a-Village charity programme to help strengthen rural Armenia.

Museum opening hours will be from 12:00 midday until 20:00 (8 pm). Pre-arranged school visits will be possible from 11:00 until 12:00 midday, before the Museum opens to the public.

The Museum will be administered by the Areni Municipality for the benefit of local artisans and the wider community.

The Museum is expected to include the following exhibits, so visitors can experience a wide range of historical Armenian cultural aspects in one place, as if visiting a working village from a century ago:

  1. Hakobyan Armenian Kitchen: bread-making (tonir), Armenian traditional cuisine and drinks;

  2. Areni Lodge Winery: wine making, brandy;

  3. Artwork House: painting, art craft, Christmas gifts;

  4. Ceramics House: pottery, glassblowing;

  5. Needlework House: haberdashery, clothing (traditional attire) and dolls;

  6. Weaving House: carpet making and tapestry;

  7. Leatherwork House: belts, shoes, equestrian (including metalwork);

  8. Swain Sculpture House: marble sculpture, stone masonry and khachkar;

  9. Jewellery House: gold and silver smiths;

  10. Woodcraft House: carving, nardi (backgammon) and toys;

  11. Music House: musical instruments, song and music, and dance;

  12. Armenian Language School: manuscripts, poetry and folklore/storytelling, pagan and Christian festivals.

The Museum will support at least 14 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

More information on the Museum is available here.