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Tree Belt Project    

The main objectives are to establish a major Vayots Dzor Province tree planting project, including pistachios and almonds, to:

  • develop a sustainable local industry that provides employment to villagers;

  • provide a potential export industry and an extra source of food for locals (each tree would be looked after by a family); and

  • ‘green’ the environment to improve the aesthetic value of barren hills for both locals and tourists; and preventing erosion.

The Pistachio and Almond Belt (PAB) Project would theoretically support 15 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Carbon Credit Scheme


The following provides an estimate of how many trees a guest would need to purchase to offset their travel, if they wished to do so in one opportunity during their travel. Further information on the cost of trees will be provided later.

  • economy class round trip from New York = 3 tonnes (business class 5.8 tones) tonnes of CO2 = 3 trees (6 in business) to sequester this carbon over a growing period of 100 years.


  • economy (business) class round trip from Paris = 1.2 (2.2) tonnes of CO2 = 1 (2 in business).

  • economy (business) class round trip from Dubai = 0.7 (1.2) tonnes of CO2 = 1 (2 in business) to sequester.